a Senior Project: TeamTwo


TeamTwo is a 3D multiplayer third person shooter game project that is developed by Alican Şekerefe(Network & Game programmer) and Erkin Çakar(Level editor,GUI and Sound interface programmer), Fuat Aksoy (Modeller) and Erkin Akbel(Texturer).

Blog: teamtwoproject.blogspot.com

Important Features

  • Platform Independency
  • Open Source (http://code.google.com/p/project-teamtwo/)
  • Third person shooter camera system
  • Multiplayer Deathmatch/Team deathmatch game modes
  • 2D level editor for designing custom war arenas
  • 3D graphics and dynamic sounds
  • Special items for gaining time-limited extra powers, teleporter points, weapons and health kits
  • Chat support
  • Lobby and Room structure for running multiple game instances
  • Client/Server architecture
  • Local server discovery system for detecting servers running on the same subnet
  • Totally custom networking library and application layer protocols for game messaging, file transfer and local server discovery operations
  • Two game states for game and menu

Technical Details

  • Written in c++ (over 15.000 lines of code (w/ spaces and comments) with more than 75 classes)
  • Ogre3D graphics engine for rendering 3D game
  • OpenGL for rendering Level Editor
  • Bullet Physics Engine for physics
  • OpenAL/OgreAL for dynamic sounds
  • CEGUI for making in-game GUIs
  • QT framework for making the level editor
  • Blender and GIMP for 3D modelling and texture editing
  • Independent system components for providing high reusability
  • NetBeans and Visual Studio as IDEs on Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems
  • OgreParticleLab for making teleporter particle effects


Game Server List

Available Game List

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Game Console


Created Game Map

Erkin Çakar

PostgreSQL DBA & Software developer